Friday, June 19, 2009

Now we are right in the middle of Czech Days. This is a three day party in Tabor, a small neighboring town. Today a group of staff volunteers and I are taking about 30 residents to the big parade. These are all fragile elderly who can't walk by themselves, most need wheelchairs, but are going in regular vehicles and then sitting in lawn chairs by the road. So they all have to be assisted by two helpers to their seats and then shaded with umbrellas, given drinks of water, and monitored for health problems and sun burn and heat stroke, etc. It is a very strenuous affair for all of us, but worth it for all the old friends they see in the parade and along the route. It is like a big family reunion and most of these residents are the great, great grandmas, great aunties, cousins, and old neighbors of everybody. Lots of beautiful Czech costumes, lace, embroidery, and ribbons. That's my favorite part.

I received a 60 inch 30 yard bolt of PFD Kona cotton from Dharma about a week ago. I can't wait to cut into it. Where to start? That's what I'm daydreaming about. Finished a large patriotic colored quilt binding yesterday.

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