Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Tour of my Public Studio

My public studio is located on street level at the Art & Antique Gallery.  This business began in 1999 in a Main Street brick building listed on the National Historic Register.

I share the art studio with my brother and my sister-in-law.  He does hot glass.  She paints, does picture framing and matting, and teaches art students.

I string beads, repair jewelry, dye fabric, restore antiques, and piece quilts. There's no fancy furniture in this studio, just steel and concrete block shelving, plastic totes, tables and crocks.

My favorite utility piece is a  tambor that stores art tools in its ten wood drawers.

 My trusty little Featherweight and
smooth plate travel iron are always
handy for piecing quilt tops.
 Here are the really ugly shelves, the totes and
baskets and plastic cubes
that hold dyeing and art supplies.
Notice the 3 gallon crocks
on the floor that hold rolls of art paper. There's
a better view of them in the next photo.

     This is my bead stash 
and jewelry repair station.   I keep

design projects that are unfinished in that stack of white trays.  On the floor is a treasured small anvil my father made.

Here is a 60 inch square of Kona cotton
that I dyed in the studio and hung to dry by
the back door.
These are photo transfer fabrics that I soaked
in Bubble Jet Set.  I did
36 sheets that morning.

Here is a little flock of hens made to
give away to my chicken loving
friends, useful as pin cushions or

So that's a glimpse into my public studio
at the Art & Antique Gallery.  Join me
July 12 when I give you a tour of
my private studio above the store.  That's where the pretty stuff is!  Until then keep creating.

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  1. Hello Carol!!
    As soon as I saw your header I knew we were 'kindred spirits'!! That's a lot of beauty in that photo!! I cannot wait to see your space for the party coming up, but you certainly wheted my appetite with your post.
    I am your newest follower!
    Really looking forward to getting to see more,
    have a blessed day,