Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Reviewing my previous posts and noting the gap, I decided I need to fill in some blanks.  Angela and I have finished piecing the intergenerational top but I haven't quilted it yet so it remains a UFO with promise of completion in the coming year.

The biggest project that has appeared in the past two years is Angela & Jerrod's son Coen who was born in March of 2011.  I have been making frequent trips to visit him in Austin TX and that has been a joy and a priority in my life.

 Most of my projects involve quilting, beading and dyeing fabric, but I have been collecting linens, laces, and vintage sewing paraphernalia for forty years and I am looking forward to sharing those with my readers also.

I am fortunate to have two studios in my life.  The public studio is shared with my sister-in-law in our main street store called the Art & Antique Gallery.

That is where I design and repair jewelry.  I also keep my little Singer Featherweight sewing machine and vintage iron there so I can do a bit of quilt piecing during quiet times. The store basement is filled with antique picture frames, decor, and small furniture that needs sprucing up before I can put in the store.  On sunny cool mornings I do a little fabric dyeing and hang it to dry behind the store or I clean up something to add to the store inventory. 

My second studio is where I spread out my quilting projects and my genealogy, photography, and linen and lace collections.  It consists of two large rooms on the store's second floor next to my mother's apartment.   I'll show more of that in my next blog.   In the meantime happy creating to you all.

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