Sunday, January 3, 2010

An Intergenerational UFO

Quilt blocks started by my grandmother more than 50 years ago provided entertainment for our New Year's weekend family gathering. My mother, 86 years old and still actively quilting, helped me and daughter Angela arrange them on the design wall.

Daughter Angela and Jerrod have been visiting from Austin, TX, over the holidays. My SIL Judy gave Angela a package of unfinished quilt blocks as a present.

These blocks were started back in the fifties and sixties by my grandmother in southern Utah. She used many fabrics from her scrapbag so some pieces date back to the twenties and thirties. All the diamond stars are sewed together, but only about half of them have the background set in squares and triangles hand stitched.

We arranged them on the design wall, added blue sashing, and sat down together to hand stitch enough blocks to complete the top.

I have always avoided learning quilting handwork, but finally my grandmother who has been gone since 1976, was guiding me and my daughter to learn the fun of setting in background squares. We only needed to do one block apiece to have enough. Then there are about 24 more stars which will be made into 2 twin size tops in the future. Angela took the almost completed top back to Texas along with some yellow border fabric and a wool bat contributed by my mom. We'll work on it again next time we get together.


  1. Very impressive Carol! I will come visit you sometime soon when the cold isn't so cold outside! Stay warm, Amy