Thursday, July 9, 2009

this is my jungle, welcome to it

The yard is thriving with all the humidity and rain. Today's pictures feature the six foot flower stalk of a yucca plant that's never had it so good and the trumpet vine whose blossoms are showy and worthy of admiration. It's a love-hate relationship and it is now volunteering all around the house. I cut it back severely to keep it from growing into the siding and shingles of the house. I hope some hummingbirds find it.

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity beginning with an annual visit from the state surveyors at work and from my son Erik and wife Nancie from Madison, WI. We had several family dinners including my sixty second (it lasted longer than that) birthday party which also featured an evening musicale. Then on July 4 we went to western SD to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the family ranch and homesteading in Tripp County. Erik and Nancie returned to WI and we all went back to work. In another month we will be ready for visitors from Connecticut and New York City. This is the stuff that keeps us warm all winter.

Haven't had a minute to sew, but tomorrow is reserved for the studio. So I plan to accomplish a lot.

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